Facilitation of real-time payments, remittances, & deposits

Quick Money Movement™ gives FIs the ability to launch modern, agile, and faster money movement capabilities that end-users expect – internationally and domestically.

Indicative solutions

Commercial remote deposit capture
Consumer remote deposit capture
Consumer bill pay
Peer-to-peer payments
Same day & next day transfers
Enterprise remittance disbursements
Municipal remittance disbursements

Applicable market verticals

Banks & credit unions
Neo & challenger banks
Alternative financial institutions
Educational organizations
Smart cities
Gig & contractor organizations
Banking cores, issuers, & processors
Government & treasury departments

Eliminate complexity from your money movement

The industry standard in flexible, smart, and secure money movement

Use cases

These are just a few ways you can innovate using Quick Money Movement

Consumer RDC

Deliver much-needed check depositing capabilities across any device

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Commercial RDC

Grow and retain your commercial portfolio by helping business clients streamline operations

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Your centralized administration tool for everything

The FT Toolbox™ is a suite of centralized client administration tools that support a range of functions specific to a client’s product set. Clients are able to manage branding, users, functionality, business rules, image processing, transactions, and reporting - all of which increase brand exposure, limit risk, and improve decisioning. Being modular in nature, the Toolbox only displays what is necessary for each client and subsequently each individual user.

Your one-stop research and development shop

Driven to continually evolve, we believe that innovation requires endless discovery. X-35 FinTech Core is your research and development powerhouse that will enable you to deliver the "X-Factor" well beyond 2035.

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