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our vision and mission

A thesis that empowers everyone within it

Our mission and success, lies in being the world’s first, and most capable, FinTech Core. We define the industry by challenging the status quo, tackling real problems, and delivering tomorrow’s core FinTech infrastructure today so that our clients can dream big and deliver exceptional.

We’ve grabbed the industry by the horns
500+ Clients Served
In Annualized Processing
Digital Banking Users
Items Processed
*Based on financial Institutes with up to $20B in assets
X-35 FinTech Core™

Allowing clients to always deliver innovative financial services

X-35 FinTech Core™ is a serverless, cloud-based core, that in unison with a client’s existing Banking Core or Processor, is a single platform that enables clients to create and deliver a strategy of continuous product and technological innovation.

Consolidate services, deploy products, and drive innovation

By leveraging the X-35 FinTech Core, clients will always be on the bleeding-edge when it comes to providing their end-users with superior digital banking, account opening, money movement, behavioral insights, and card portfolio products, all of which enhance overall user engagement.

X-35 FinTech Core allows clients to always deliver innovative financial services that keep the “X-Factor” well beyond 2035.

Core DBX™

Deliver a superior end-to-end digital banking experience

Core DBX™ allows any Financial Institution, big or small, to create and deliver a superior and fully tailored end-to-end digital banking experience.

Verified Enrollment™

Create a quick, easy, and secure onboarding experience

Verified Enrollment™ provides a suite of advanced and truly intuitive identity verification and account opening capabilities.

Quick Money Movement™

Launch modern & agile money movement capabilities

Quick Money Movement™ enables clients to launch modern, agile, and faster money movement capabilities that end-users have come to expect, domestically and internationally.

Human Behavioral Insights™

Analyze financial habits to identify opportunities

Human Behavioral Insights™ is an algorithm that intelligently analyzes a user’s financial behavior, financial wellness, and spending habits.

One Connect™

Integrate and manage third- party vendors

One Connect™ is an API-driven adaptor within Urban FT’s X-35 FinTech Core™ that allows clients to simply integrate with and manage third-party vendors.